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Gail Ramsey is a highly sought-after motivational speaker who carries a breakthrough anointing. She moves powerfully in the gifts of the Holy Spirit demonstrating God’s power and his love for his people.

Gail has inspired audiences large and small with her passion for sharing the heart of God to fulfill her mandated mission: to transform lives, lead people to Jesus, and empower Christians to walk in all the authority that Jesus died and rose again to give them.

Gail can be booked for private corporate events, personal appearances, keynote speeches and ministry engagements at your church.

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Jan 2023
Fearless Freedom

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Gail was amazing. She inspired and motivated me more than I have ever imagined and I have never felt closer to God than since watching and listening to Gail speak.

Marla Harriman / Integrative Nutritional Health Coach & Actress

Of the many times ministry times I've been with Gail, one stands out. At the last minute she was asked to fill in for a well-known guest speaker at a women's conference on the Big Island of Hawaii. No one was disappointed! Her messages were so profound, not the kind you take notes from, but the kind that speak straight to your heart.

After the first session, before ministry, she called up the prayer team. About 8 of us stood there. I don't remember what she prayed because instantly we all went down like dominoes under the power of God. I still remember exactly what the Lord ministered to me as I lay there unable to move. 

Her anointing for that conference...signs and wonders, healings and miracles ...was amazing to me. Before that I had only seen her in one-on-one ministry with her gift of faith and gifts of healings but because Gail not only operates in power but carries His presence, we spent the entire weekend in the presence of God.

Helen Cole

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