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Gail Ramsey is known to many as “Susan Moore“, the popular character she played on ABC’s General Hospital for five years. Gail also starred as “Laura McCallum” on NBC’s Generations, “Linda Chambers” on the Mike Hammer show, and can currently be seen in reruns of the NBC comedy, California Dreams.

Gail used her celebrity status both as an actress and an athlete, winning many pro-celebrity trophies in golf, tennis, and skiing events in Aspen, Vail, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

On New Year’s eve of 1990, Gail‘s life took a radical turn. She became a Christian. Three years later Gail took a sabbatical from Hollywood and attended World Harvest Bible College in Columbus, Ohio. After graduation, Gail was ordained by Dr. Lester Sumrall and began traveling from churches to prisons and into the deepest interiors of Africa. She preaches, teaches, and encourages powerfully through television, radio, internet and the pulpit, moving mightily in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Gail is the founder of “Gail Ramsey Ministries”, a ministry committed to empowering people to triumph for the Kingdom of God in the natural world.



“Our mission is to encourage and empower everyone in the body of Christ to walk in the fullness of all the authority that Jesus died and rose again to give us.” says Gail. “


It’s the compassion of Jesus coupled with holy boldness that gets the job done. We must be shining examples of a victorious and risen Christ!


If people can see the joy of the Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit flowing through us, and view us as more than conquerors, then the seduction of the world won’t seem so inviting.“

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