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"To be freed free from the grip of anger, brings me such joy. To know my children are free also gives me much peace."

~ Katelyn

"My Freedom Session helped me see that beliefs about myself, that had been with me since I was a child, are lies. I came away feeling a sense of hopefulness and a cleansing that was much needed to be able to fulfill every purpose God has for me. "

"Imagine starting your day with a mind so clear you forget you have a caffeine habit! That was my experience after my freedom ministry with Gail Ramsey. Gail is gentle, direct, and most importantly, caring. She makes no promises outside of scripture. Discipling believers in their God-given authority leads to us being free from negative things sucking our time, energy and focus.  I highly recommend this ministry to anyone with a great desire to experience and willingness to practice disciplined efforts to maintain freedom."
Mary Ellen


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